Rocket Storage | Boat, RV, Vehicles, & Trailer Storage

2901 Interior Way

Facility Features

Convenient Location
Rocket Storage No. 2 is located at 2901 interior Way (Commerce Parkway in Buckner)

Climate Controlled
The facility will provide humidity control and maintain moderate temperatures between 50 and 80
degrees. This will help prevent mildew and damage caused by humidity and extreme heat or cold to
books, documents, electronics, furniture, photographs, seasonal items, and valuables.

Indoor Drive-Through
The facility features a unique 24’ wide one way drive-in lane down the middle of the building allowing
customers to park near their unit and load and unload their belongings indoors! Our customers can
use their spaces unhindered by adverse weather conditions such as cold, snow, rain, sweltering
humidity, and heat.

Personalized Access Code
Rocket Storage offers Digital Keypad Access to control who is coming in and out of the facility.   Each customer has a personalized code allowing for quick and each access from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. daily.

Truck Rental
Rocket Storage makes moving easy by being an authorized PENSKE agent. We offer new and
reliable trucks, high-end service, free unlimited miles on one-way moving truck rentals, 24/7 roadside
assistance, discounts, special offers and insurance plans to help protect you and your valuables.

Tenant Protection Plan
We offer a low cost property protection option with no deductible to cover loss of stored property from
fire, burglary, water damage, building collapse, and vandalism. The plan has coverage limits up to
$15,000 and is separate from your personal insurance policy.

HD Security Monitoring
Our surveillance system utilizes high definition cameras to monitor the entire facility to help protect
your property and keep your mind at ease.

10% Discount On 2nd Floor Units With Elevator Access
We offer a 10% discount on units located on the second floor which are easily accessible by a
spacious elevator.

Large Hand Trucks and Dollies Available
Our customers have unlimited FREE use of large hand trucks and dollies to make moving stored
items easier.

All Size Units Available
We offer a wide variety of climate controlled and standard self-storage units, including 5’ x 5’, 5’ x
10’, 10’ x10’, 10’ x 15’, 10’ x 20’, 15′ x 20′, and 10’ x 25’.

Rental Office Open 6 Days A Week
Our rental office is open 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and by appointment on Sunday.

Moving & Packing Supplies
Our retail store offers boxes of all sizes, storage unit locks, furniture covers and wraps, packing tape,
locks, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, glass and dish protection kits, stretch wrap, labels, ratchet & rope
tie-downs, stretch cords, flat screen TV protection kits, garment racks, moving pads & forearm forklifts..

Our state-of-the-art online system enables customers to reserve or rent a unit online at their convenience.

Convenient Pay Options
We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Contactless Transactions
All in-person rental transactions can be performed without any personal contact. 

Self-Storage Unit Sizes

Climate Controlled Units

5’ x 5’, 5’ x 10’, 10’ x10’, 10’ x 15’, 10’ x 20’ & 10’ x 25’

Standard Units
10’ x 10’, 10’ x 15’, 15′ x 20′, 10’ x 20’, & 15′ x 20′

 $1 First Month’s Rent TERMS & CONDITIONS: 
o $1 for the first month’s rent is valid on any size unit. It is subject to change based
on unit availability
o $1 for the first month’s rent cannot be combined with any other offer.
o Three month minimum commitment. New unit rentals only. This is not offered to existing rentals that are transferring.
o Additional lock purchase may be required at the time of rental.

Access Hours

Each customer has a personalized access code allowing for quick and easy access 7:00 am – 10:00 pm Daily


Office & Retail Hours

Monday – Friday

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Afternoon: By Appointment Only


By Appointment Only.

Storage Guidelines & Tips

Common Stored Items

Art & Collectibles
Electronics (e.g.: TV’s, Stereos & Computers)
Files, Documents & Archives
Important Paperwork
Household Items
Items made of leather, wood or metal
Media (e.g.: CD’s, DVD’s, & VCR tapes)
Musical Instruments
Newspapers & Magazines
Seasonal Holiday Items

Prohibited Items

Fuel tanks
Petroleum products

Storage Tips

Files, Documents & Archives
Seasonal Holiday Items


  • Place plastic “bedding” or wooden pallets on ground beneath furniture to keep moisture or mold from reaching them.
  • Disassemble large furniture, if possible; apply wax to wooden furniture to protect finish.
  • Polish metallic furniture to prevent oxidation that would damage the finish.
  • Use lacquer for bronze or copper.
  • Use professional services to clean and preserve furniture whenever possible.
  • Wrap some form of cushioning around areas to prevent scratching and denting (bubble wrap, newspaper, towels, or blankets).
  • Use end tables and dresser drawers as “boxes.”
  • Remove light bulbs and shades from lamps and wrap lamps in cushioning material.
  • Clean fabric furniture to prevent growth of mildew and mold while in storage.
  • To prevent breaking, protect glass and mirrors by using mask tape to make an “X” on the surface.
  • Corrugated cardboard can be used to protect either side of the glass or mirror.
  • Place tables that remain un-assembled top-down on top of mattresses or other cushioning.
  • Table tops can be placed against the wall.
  • Place sofas, chairs, dressers right side up, the way you would have them in your home, to avoid damage.
  • Use furniture covers to place over furniture.
  • Use climate control; make sure all items are fully dry.
  • Consider using rodent repellent.


  • Computers, radios, television sets, and photocopy, fax, and scanner machines need to be properly stored to ensure they are still in good condition when you are ready for them.
  • Put electronics into their original boxes along with all their paraphernalia and accessories.
  • Don’t mix up the parts of your electronics, as you may not be able to tell them apart later on!
  • In each box, individually wrap separate pieces, like computer monitors, keyboards, modems, cords, etc.
  • Stuff empty spaces in your boxes to keep the boxes sturdy, particularly if you will be stacking boxes one on top of each other.


  • Wash and clean appliances to prevent buildups, avoid rot, rust, or pests while in storage.
  • Keep appliances upright against the wall; leave doors slightly open to allow air to pass through the appliance, avoiding musty smells.
  • Wrap up appliance cords, and place cleaned attachments inside of the appliances.
  • Make sure all items are completely dried out before placing into storage.
  • Drain any water from hoses, tanks, or tubing.
  • Any moisture left behind can cause freezing or mildew damage!
  • Cushion and wrap fragile parts such as glass panels if you will remove them.
  • Cover appliances with sheet or other breathable cover.

Files, Documents & Archives

  • Climate controlled storage is useful for managing humidity, since humidity can cause mildew when too high.
  • A constant and moderate temperature will help to preserve your paper documents.
  • Airtight containers also prevent mildew.
  • Keep boxes off the floor; consider protective cabinets, or document shelving.
  • Use a filing system for archives.
  • Put labels on all of your containers.
  • Organize your files well, so that you can find things easily when you need them, and create narrow “walkways” to make for easy access to your files.
  • Consider extra security.
  • Use safes or password protected locks for material that is highly sensitive, confidential, or private.


  • Temperature and humidity control is important to prevent damage to some valuable items.
  • Wrap wall art in storage tissue allowing ventilation (plastic traps moisture).
  • Use wax paper on surface of paintings.
  • You can place cardboard between paintings and wrap art, like sculpture, with blankets or sheets in boxes with padding.
  • Keep artwork from direct contact with the ground.
  • Don’t lean canvases against wall for long periods, as canvas will get distorted.
  • Roll up rugs.
  • You can use acid-free tubes or cardboard tubes for rolled preservation.
  • Also, consider cover and preservation materials such as muslin or polyethylene.
  • Store rugs on rust-free metal shelves or in drawers.
  • Wrap antique furniture in bubble wrap, blankets, or sheets.
  • Use boxes for smaller items such as mirrors or lamps.
  • Disassemble particularly fragile furniture and contain parts in wraps or boxes.
  • Bag screws and accessories and tape to furniture for reassembly.
  • Take professional precautions, such as appraisals and insurance whenever possible when storing valuable items like antique furniture or art.

Seasonal Holiday Items

  • Box small items.
  • You can use boxes of several sizes and from around the house – old appliance boxes or shoe boxes.
  • Keep boxes well padded.
  • A good idea is to shred gift-wrap paper and use as packing material.
  • Use egg cartons for very small ornaments.
  • Keep most fragile and delicate ornaments at the top of a box.
  • Stuff garlands into a large box.
  • Avoid entangling lights. Wrap them neatly around paper tubes, and secure the ends.
  • Put extra bulbs and fuses in a small bag secured to the lights packaging.
  • Label your garlands and lights so that you won’t have to re-measure everything next year and will know exactly what will fit where.
  • Store large lawn holiday statues in padded or filled boxes or wrap them up securely.


  • Prolonged and direct light and heat can cause damage to photographs.
  • Newspapers are made from a kind of wood that deteriorates very quickly.
  • This is the same with some types of magazines.
  • Humidity and moisture will permanently and quickly ruin all of these.
  • For valuable photographs, newspapers and magazines, it is wise to consider climate controlled self storage.
  • Put photographs into an acid-free container that will restrict light from entering and prevent degrading.
  • Newspapers and magazines should also be stored in acid-free boxes, and place tissue paper in between pages.


  • Put books in boxes.
  • Keep them organized and label them so that they are easy to retrieve if needed.
  • Consider getting storage shelves to place in your unit to make storing (and retrieving) your books even easier. (Make sure your shelving units are properly cleaned and preserved).
  • Cover with light material to prevent dust accumulation.
  • If you put them in boxes, alternate the books’ positions for even spreading and place cardboard or other breathable material in between them.


  • Instead of using boxes, put your media in airtight bags or containers to prevent them from moisture damage.
  • Try to keep them in the cases they were purchased in.


To help make moving easier and more convenientRocket Storage at 2901 Interior Way is an authorized PENSKE Agent.   

We offer new and reliable trucks, high-end service, free unlimited miles on one-way moving truck rentals, 24/7 roadside assistance, discounts, and special offers.


Rocket Storage features a retail store offering a variety of moving and packing supplies, including:

Boxes of all sizes

Storage Unit Locks 

Furniture Covers and Wraps

Packing Tape


Bubble Wrap

Foam Peanuts

Glass and Dish Protection Kits

Stretch Wrap


Ratchet & Rope Tie-Downs

Stretch Cords.

Flat Screen TV Protection Kits

Garment Racks

Moving Pads

Forearm Forklifts