Storage Features

Rocket Storage Facility Features

Coded Access  d

Rocket Storage offers Digital Keypad Access to control who is coming in and out of the Security Gate. Each customer has a personalized access code allowing for quick and easy access to the secured area 24 hours a day.

g Gated & Secure Facility

The property along Commerce Parkway is built up to ensure the 8’ fence would stand tall on a steep exterior embankment. The eastern edge adjoins a deep raven and the western edge is lined with storage buildings. The southern property line is highly visible to heavy traffic on I-71.

Protection from Weather e

Our covered RV and boat storage facility protects your valuable assets from the sun, wind, rain and severe weather of the Ohio Valley. Don’t let your investment deteriorate from the outside elements.

h  Video Surveillance System

Rocket Storage’s “state of the art” video surveillance system sweeps the entire property and helps protect your assets and keep your mind at ease.

Electrical Service Available f

For battery maintenance only. Some of our covered storage spaces include 5-20-1mp power for your equipment at an additional cost. Please let us know what your requirements are and we will do everything possible to meet your needs.

          Important Dimensions  ╪


                           Overhead Doors (14′ x 45′ fully enclosed units):                                     Width: 12 ft. Height: 16 ft.
                      Posts on the 14′ x 45′ covered spaces are 13′ 6”                            apart.(actual storage space is 14’ x 45’)

7  Advanced Lighting System

Our advanced lighting system is proven to deter any negative activity in an area that already has a very safe reputation.

i Fully Enclosed Option

We offer oversized (14′ x 45′) storage units with side walls and a large roll-up door offering near total protection from the elements. Another benefit is having your equipment locked away in its own “garage,” where no one but you can access.

d​ Attractive Facility

Our goal is to provide a nice and attractive facility for the storage of property in very good condition and contribute to a safe and clean neighborhood.

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