Our goal at Rocket Storage is to provide a nice and attractive facility for the storage of RV’s, boats, vehicles, trailers and campers.  It is not intended for industrial or commercial use. All stored property should be in very good condition and contribute to a safe and clean neighborhood.        We have a limited number of spaces available for commercial vehicles and equipment (inspection required).




Recreational Vehicles








Fully enclosed trailers


Late model automobiles, vans and trucks in very good, working condition


Not Acceptable

Items stored on the ground or pallets, such as appliances, mowers, equipment, fuel tanks, tools, etc.


Petroleum products


Construction materials, such as rock, stones, wood, etc.


Vehicles in poor or non-working condition (no flat tires, oil leaks, blocks, etc.)


Trailers or trucks with garbage or lawn waste




Unsightly vehicles


 May be Acceptable (Spaces 101-128)

(Upon Inspection)

Commercial vehicles, such as food trucks, route trucks, work trucks, snow plows, etc.   


Uncovered trailers with landscaping or construction equipment  (tractors, lawn mowers, bobcats, and snow plows).


Storage containers in very good condition


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