Rocket Storage History

Exterior of Rocket Storage rental office
Rocket Storage #2

Rocket Storage is locally owned and operated by Mark and Debbie Haertzen. We are boaters ourselves and have enjoyed many great experiences with our friends and family on Dale Hollow Lake. We understand that owners of nice equipment in our hometown want a secure place to protect their valuable assets. That’s why we opened the first Rocket Storage in 2015 to offer a convenient facility with 24/7 access.

We built the business in three phases, as customer demand dictated. The facility quickly reached full capacity following the opening of each phase. Today, Rocket Storage No. 1 offers 224 spaces (134 covered and 90 open parking areas) totaling 116,000 square feet on 8.5 acres.

In 2018, we acquired 3 ½ acres on Interior Way directly across the street from Location No. 1 with plans to build a new facility offering conventional mini-warehouse units, including standard self-storage, climate-controlled self-storage, and flexible space for businesses.

Rocket Storage No. 2 features a unique 250’ one-way drive-in lane down the middle. Customers can use their storage spaces unhindered by adverse weather conditions (cold, snow, rain, sweltering humidity, and extreme temperatures)

Due to the high demand for boat and RV storage space, we purchased another 2.5 acres on Button Lane (one mile from Location No. 1) for the construction of Rocket Storage No. 3 offering covered and fully enclosed storage space.

Rocket Storage, LLC is an affiliate of Rocket Man, Inc., located at 2249 Commerce Parkway in LaGrange, KY. If you buy a Mint Julep from a walking vendor at the Kentucky Derby or a beer in the seating areas at the Super Bowl, you’re doing business with Rocket Man.

Rocket Man sells beverages in stadium seating areas and at special events through walking vendors. The Company currently has operations in dozens of major sports and entertainment facilities across the country, including NFL stadiums, racetracks, MLB ballparks, NBA arenas, concert venues, and an assortment of other places. For more information, go to or

Over 1,000 storage units