Boating Season … Coming Soon!

I’m not sure about you, but my happy place is on the water! Whether I am sitting by the serene ocean with my toes in the sand or floating on my favorite body of water on the boat. I love it all! You can pack your bags and fly or drive to the beach, but to get that boat ready for the water takes a little more preparation. Let’s talk about it!

Getting it cleaned up!

It’s time to pull the boat out of its winter hibernation. It could be sitting outside with a cover on it, parked in your garage or at your favorite Boat/RV storage facility – Rocket Storage. Either way you are going to want to wipe the dust off, clean it, wax it and get it ready for its first trip on the water. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safely cleaning your boats interior and exterior.

Is everything safe and mechanically sound?

Depending on the type of boat that you have will determine your steps to prepare your boat for the season. We are going to talk about Pontoons (outboards) and your standard deck boat or bowrider with an inboard. If you are lucky enough to be mechanically inclined you can pretty much search the internet and know what to do. If you aren’t so lucky, or you just want someone else to do it, you can schedule an appointment with your local boat dealer or marine mechanic to get everything checked out.

Getting it stocked up with the necessities

You should always check your items onboard to ensure that you have all that you will need for emergencies and convenience. You will find a lot of lists on the internet, but here you can find a list of some must-haves. If you have a fire extinguisher already on board, make sure that it is properly charged. It’s a good idea to check your first-aid kit items to make sure that they aren’t expired as well.

A little tip: I like to put items in a plastic tote that we use often while boating. It makes it easier to pack and get ready for your adventures. Plus, you don’t have to remember them every time.

    • A roll of paper towels
    • Paper plates
    • Plastic Forks/Spoons
    • Plastic cups
    • Extra koozies

Remember to be safe and happy boating!!!!

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Mark Haertzen

Mark Haertzen

Mark Haertzen is the Founder and Manager of Rocket Storage, LLC. In addition to self-storage facilities, he has successfully developed several other entrepreneurial business ventures. He enjoys helping folks that rent storage space to improve their experience by sharing his knowledge and expertise. Mark can be reached by calling (502) 222-1228 or by email at [email protected]

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