The smell of Spring, so refreshing! The sunshine hitting your face and the warm weather are a welcomed relief from the cold and snow. It gives you energy and brings you out of what feels like a “hibernation” state. You’ve been cooped up all winter binge-watching your favorite television shows and you now realize the dirt, dust and clutter that has been accumulating over the past few months. Time to get it cleaned up and stored away!

Organizing and Packing for Storage

Before you start cleaning, let’s pack away a lot of the things that you won’t be needing for a while.

Packing is just as important as finding the perfect storage space. Make sure that you individually wrap fragile items and pack them securely. A little tape to hold everything together helps. Place craft paper, air pillows, old newspaper, or that fun to pop bubble wrap, in between your items to keep them from breaking during transport. Sturdy boxes will always work, but the plastic storage totes that you have lying around (and in your way) are a terrific option for packing. Pick up some packing kits from your local retail store for those special drinking glasses, or Christmas place settings that you use once a year. Another tip: don’t overpack! Make sure that you can safely pick-up and carry all of your items.

Not sure what to do with those winter clothes, extra blankets and bedding, scarves and hats that you won’t need for another 9 months? Use a space saver, vacuum-sealed clothes bag. These will allow you to fit more items in your totes and boxes. Make sure your snow boots are clean and dry before storing them. Silica gel packs inside your boots are one way to help keep them dried out. And don’t pack your boots in plastic bags.

Break down that Christmas tree and store it in the bag that came with it. Check out these cool tips for storing your decorations.

Need a little more space? Finding Storage

If you have items that could possibly mold, mildew or become damaged by the ever-fluctuating weather, Rocket Storage offers climate-controlled, otherwise referred to as temperature-controlled, units. This type of storage unit is specially designed to maintain steady temperatures and humidity levels.

Our facility will give you the extra added comfort that Grandma’s priceless handmade Christmas decorations will stay in good condition. That your clothes won’t have a musky smell when you retrieve them in late fall.

We offer units as small as a 5’ x 5’ and that little bit of closet space may be all you need to make your life a little easier.

All of your totes and boxes are ready to go

Literally, drive on over and through to Rocket Storage to unload your items out of the weather. We offer a 25’ drive-thru that is an inviting feature if you are ready to store on a rainy day.

There are plenty of pictures, blogs and ideas on the internet these days of ways to strategically pack, stack and store your items. Make sure not to stack too high and put the heavy and bulky items on the bottom. Use shelves if you have them available. Maybe those that were in your way at home that you don’t have much use for, but didn’t want to throw out. Make sure that you label everything and place like items together so that you can find them easier when you need them again.

Now isn’t that better?

The garage is all organized, and that “office/spare bedroom” actually has a floor. Now it’s time to get the house cleaned up, the lawn and landscape freshened up, and you will be ready for Boat and RV Season.

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Mark Haertzen

Mark Haertzen

Mark Haertzen is the Founder and Manager of Rocket Storage, LLC. In addition to self-storage facilities, he has successfully developed several other entrepreneurial business ventures. He enjoys helping folks that rent storage space to improve their experience by sharing his knowledge and expertise. Mark can be reached by calling (502) 222-1228 or by email at [email protected]

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